Who is Smaris?

SMARIS is a technology company that develops solutions and products for Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 with the aim of producing intelligent industry solutions. The company was founded jointly by Vektora Information Technologies and Step Technology.

Real-time data exchange, measurement and evaluation systems are at the heart of today’s business issues and Industry 4.0 concept. SMARIS has the ability to read data from any kind of device, write data to any kind of device (if required) with the help of both the hardware and software developed by SMARIS. The company can implement software systems such as ERP, MES, Big Data, “Predictive Analytics” to use the result/benefit-oriented data.


Smaris allows you to read data from the machines with it’s hardware and software It also allows you the competence of writing data when needed. From processing result/benefit oriented datas with systems like ERP, MES to installing software programs such as Big Data Analysis and Predicative Analysis, Smaris has experience in many fields.