Journey of Digitalization

SMARIS is a technology company that develops solutions and products for Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 with the aim of producing intelligent industry solutions. The company was founded jointly by Vektora Information Technologies and Step Technology.

Real-time data exchange, measurement and evaluation systems are at the heart of today’s business issues and Industry 4.0 concept. SMARIS has the ability to read data from any kind of device, write data to any kind of device (if required) with the help of both the hardware and software developed by SMARIS. The company can implement software systems such as ERP, MES, Big Data, “Predictive Analytics” to use the result/benefit-oriented data.

As the founding partner of SMARIS, Vektora Information Technologies is a long-established technology and consultancy company which has successfully applied over 300 projects and is rendering services in the information sector since 2003 with its infrastructure to satisfy the information requirements of each customer as the Gold Partner of both SAP and Microsoft in Turkey.

Mission: Developing intelligent industry solutions according to business handles and sectoral needs, and delivering solutions that comply with the same or similar sectors.

Vision: To become the most valued brand in Turkey in the field of Industry 4.0 and create value in the field of Industry 4.0 in the international field.

Vektora Information Technologies

Vektora Information Technologies, the founding partner of SMARIS, is a Gold partner of both SAP and Microsoft in Turkey. Since 2003, Vektora, which provides end-to-end technology and consultancy services in SAP and Microsoft solutions in the information industry, has signed over 300 successful projects in over 20 sectors and is a well-established technology and consulting firm for the information sector.


STEP Technology

SMARIS’s business partner, STEP Technology, is an engineering company that performs research on machine-machine, human-machine interactions, hardware and embedded software areas as the main activity area of Uludag Technology Development Center. Founded in 2011, STEP Technology has been performing intensive R&D activities in electronic hardware and embedded software fields since its inception and design, manufacture and warranty/maintenance services for the needs of the projects.

SMARIS’s focus is on process improvement/development. The goal is to produce a new generation of solutions that will benefit businesses, because it discusses projects that are holistic and without prerequisites.
SMARIS combines the fields of it (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technologies), each with the cooperation of two of the best companies in their fields, from hardware design/production, to MES, ERP, data warehousing and analytics, in all areas of digital flow solution.
Founders of SMARIS have been working on Machine-machine (M2M), Human-machine (HMI) interactions especially in the areas of hardware and embedded software for years.

Why Smaris?

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