Solutions and Products
SMARIS provides value-added digital conversion solutions.
Field equipment production, application
IoT device production
Sensor Fusion and production
Electronic product development
Embedded Software Production, Application
Enterprise Software Production, Application
SAP ERP, Mii, such as production direction. Systems
Analytical applications

elektronik tasarim
Electronic Design Applications

Embedded systems are used in the present world, from our mobile phones to our cars, from the access control systems in our workplaces to CNC in the production band.

Embedded systems correspond to the embedding of software that can be performed on a hardware that is specific to an application or designed as part of a larger app or product.

Basic Features

a) Embedded systems are intended for application and singular function; if the application is already known, the steps are run repeatedly.

b) Efficiency is vital for embedded systems. Energy, code size, machining times, weight & size and cost should be optimized.

c) Embedded systems are typically designed to meet real-time needs, a real-time system is triggered by a device or operator in any time zone within the environment in which it resides. All triggers have to respond as fast as needed. Late answers (or many early answers) are bugs.

d) Embedded systems often interact with the environment through sensors or actuators, so they are interactive systems. What is needed for continuous interaction is to keep pace with the interaction speed of the environment.

e) Interfaces are not available. If there is, it will be very limited.

SMARIS Applications

  • Data acquisition and transfer equipment design, development and implementation
  • Electronic design, production and application of signal processing devices
dijital enerji
Digital Energy
  • A centralized central monitoring system that will collect data from the Energy control units (PLC, etc.), other systems followed by SCADA systems (basic, fire systems, etc.) in electrical production plants.
  • A central platform for hydropower, thermal, wind, geothermal, solar power electricity production sector where companies can monitor their plants at a micro level and supported by mobile applications
  • Global adapter supported with hardware and embedded software for each new power plant and control unit
  • Alarm and early warning systems based on sudden changes in data and sensor device applications

Internet of Things: Machines and Sensors

In the last few years, the internet of things, not only in the institutional sphere, but also in the name of the individual consumer, is a concept that we often hear the “intelligent” “things” that begin with the way any object can exchange data continuously.

The main issue in this regard is machine-machine (M2M) communication. What they meant when talking about making machines smarter is not M2M. At this point, the prominent “sensors” are.

Sensors measure and evaluate; they basically collects and distributes the data. The Internet of Things is becoming more valuable in the case that the concept of the machines is considered as the speech of the sensors. However, the information collected by the sensors loses its significance if there is no infrastructure to process them in real time.

Cloud-based applications are a critical point for real-time processing of data today. Continuous, accessible, secure cloud systems are one of the indispensable for the “Internet of Objects” era.

SMARIS IoT and Sensor Applications

  • Sensor development, production, support
  • Sensor Fusion and production
  • Sensor data collection (historian)
  • Sensor data integration, analytics
dijital üretim
Digital Production
  • Production monitoring in automotive, chemical, textile sectors
  • Custom data acquisition enhancements on data acquisition from machines
  • Production management system applications (MES)
  • Data historian applications (instant data acquisition and data management)
  • Big data and big data analytics
  • PLC monitoring, integration with new sensors applications
  • Predictive Maintenance applications