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SMARİS firmalara katma değerli dijital dönüşüm çözümleri sunar.
Saha Donanımları üretim, uygulama
IoT Device Manufacturing
Sensor Fusion and Production
Electronic Product Development
Gömülü Sistemler
Embedded Software Development SAP ERP, MII as well as Production Direction. systems
Analytical Applications

dijital enerji

– A central SANTRAL MONITORING SYSTEM that collects data from energy control units in power generation plants

– A central platform supported by mobile applications, where companies operating in the hydroelectric, thermal, wind, geothermal, solar energy electricity generation sectors can monitor the POWER PLANTS at micro level

– ERP Applications for Energy Producers

– Alarms and early warning systems according to the sudden changes that will occur in the data, inter-firm data exchange

– Large Data analytics

– Predictive Maintenance Applications and SENSOR DEVICE APPLICATIONS

Internet of objects: machines etc. sensors

For the last few years, the concept of the Internet as a concept that we often hear about not only in the corporate arena but also in the individual consumer, refers to the “Intelligent” “Things” that began with the arrival of all kinds of objects in a continuous data exchange.

The most important subject in this regard is Machine-Machine (M2M) communication. M2M is not what you mean when talking about making machines smarter. This point is the “perceptors” that stand out.

The sensors measure and evaluate; In short, it collects and distributes data. The concept of the internet of objects becomes more valuable when it is thought of as the talk of the machines with the perceptions. But the information gathered by the perceptors loses significance if there is no infrastructure to process them in real time.

Cloud-based applications are now at a critical point in terms of real-time processing of the data. Continuous, accessible, secure cloud systems are a must for the “internet of objects” age.

SMARIS IOT and Sensor Applications

  • Sensor Development, Production, Support
  • Sensor Fusion and Production
  • Sensor Data Collection (Historian)
  • Sensor Data Integration, Analytics
elektronik tasarim
Electronic Design Applications

In today’s world, embedded systems are used all over our mobile phones, from entry control systems in our workplaces to CNCs in production bands.

Embedded systems correspond to the embedding of software that can perform that task on a piece of equipment designed as an application-specific or larger application or part of the product.

Key Features

a) Embedded systems are implemented and singular functions; the application is already known, the steps are run repeatedly.

b) Efficiency is of vital importance for embedded systems. Energy, code size, processing times, weight & size and cost should be optimized.

c) Embedded systems are typically designed to meet real-time needs, a real-time system triggered by a device or operator at any time within the environment in which it is located. All triggers must respond as fast as necessary. Late answers (or very early answers) are errors.

d) Embedded systems often interact with the environment through sensors or actuators, so they are interactive systems. What is needed for continuous interaction is to keep pace with the rate of interaction that the environment imposes.

e) They do not have interfaces. If it is, it will be very limited.

SMARIS Applications

  • Design, Development and Application of Data Acquisition and Transmission Hardware
  • Signal Processing Equipment Electronic Design, Production and Application
dijital üretim

– Production monitoring in Automotive, Chemical, Textile, Defense-Aviation sectors

– Special DATA COLLECTION FUNCTIONS developed on Data Acquisition from Machines

– Production Management System Applications (MES)

– Data Historian Applications (Instant Data Collection and Data Management)

– Large Data and Large Data Analytics

– Predictive Maintenance Practices

– End Uca SAP Solutions Application (SAP S / 4 HANA, SAP MII / ME, SAP Cloud, SAP Analytics)