Who is Smaris?
Vektora Information Technologies

Vektora Information Technologies, the founding partner of SMARIS, has been serving in the IT sector since 2003 with the infrastructure to meet all software needs of its customers as both SAP and Microsoft’s Gold partner in Turkey, It is the industry’s established technology and consulting firm.

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STEP Technology

SMARIS’s business partner, STEP Technology, is an engineering company that performs research on machine-machine, human-machine interactions, hardware and embedded software areas as the main activity area of Uludag Technology Development Center.

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SMARIS combines the fields of it (information Technology) and OT (operational technologies), each with the cooperation of two of the best companies in its field, from hardware design/production, to MES, ERP, data warehousing and reporting solutions in all areas of digital flow offers. In the last few years, the internet of things, not only in the institutional sphere, but also in the name of the individual consumer, is a concept that we often hear the “intelligent” “things” that begin with the way any object can exchange data continuously.

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Real-time data exchange, measurement, evaluation systems; It is in the center of today’s business world and Industry 4.0 concept. Smaris; With the hardware and software it develops, you can read data from machines/devices, write data as needed, competence, result/benefit-oriented data processed by systems such as ERP, MES, large data analyses and “predictive “End-to-end” has experience in all areas of software systems as far as analytics are concerned.