"Digitalisation Journey and Industry 4.0"

The real digital journey of people and objects began

As you know the industry is actually expressing a great revolution in the 4.0 concept. Only this time the subject is not only industrial industry, but this time every human, every object. You can read thousands of articles, news, comments on the Internet, written, visual media about what industry 4.0 is. That's the dry piece of information. But you can find very few sources of what it would lead to, how it is a journey. From the steam machine to Henry Ford, from there to the electronic revolution, the process is crucial, precious, but now that we have acquired, we have internalized in terms of civilization. We have a new era to fold. "Age of Digitalisation". I am approaching the subject of industry 4.0 in a broader sense of digitalization.

Especially the scientific and technological developments, making the previously unmade can be done (such as semiconductors/transistors), the industry's transformation of these developments into inexpensive industrial objects over the years (phone, chip, sensors), new The entry of the era. It's an era where everything is connected to everyone. A concept that we often hear, IoT (the Internet of Things) is a concept that expresses the communication perspective of this era. It's all about digitizing when you look functional. Smartphones used by the end consumer, both human interactions (HMI) and inter-machine interactions (M2M), on the other hand, autonomic tools, use of robots in all areas of industry, 3d printers, augmented reality Applications that actually have different lower arms.

If we look at this especially in the industry, there is a lack of perception that reduces the human factor and reduces the need for people. I'm approaching the opposite. It's 50 years ago, but today there's no one who does it, and it's not hard to predict that there will be no significant part of today's profession. But the important part is often overlooked. The new industrial revolution is involved in this transformation. It's inevitable. He's changing, transforming, including. That's what you need to read.

In the largest automotive production facility in BMW from Germany, the plant, which is manufactured with 1700 robots, writes "technology supports people/technology people" in huge letters.

It's time for you to think about it today. The whole world is just taking a new step. The race starts at similar points for everyone. We're not going to miss this time.

John David

Dec. 2017